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Dispositions of a Über Smart Learner (part-1)

1. Intrinsic Motivation

What are the dispositions of NeGEP – Next Generation Educated Person?
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Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation – traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think.

Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi looks to those who find pleasure and lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a state of ‘flow’.

NeGEP 2040 – Next Generation Educated Person Dispositions

Questions / Comments

Please post any questions, comments or observations you may have. You can also share links to learning resources relevant to the topic of study on this page – Dispositions of a self-directed learner?

  • atulpant

    In the Learner Readiness Pulse quiz there are questions like these,
    – I think of learning as something to get over with… quickly.
    – I hate studying but I do so because that is what will get me to college.
    These type of questions are based on shades of extrinsic motivation, while this question,
    – If I get curious about something I figure out a way to learn, even if it is not linked to exams. It new gives me immense satisfaction.
    is on intrinsic motivation.

  • pushpa

    for students the extrinsic motivation do wonders at the initial stage and over a period of time the intrinsic motivation gets developed.In school the extrinsic motivation have helped a lot.

  • pushpa

    In my profession i feel if i will not come up with new things the possibility of going up will be ideas in the profession will help to compete.

  • pushpa

    we as an educator can try to develop the intinsic motivation in our children where they need not have to wait for any external motivational factors.