Forum – Qus 2

Pause & Ponder

What in your opinion are the dispositions of a Next Generation Educated Person?

  • Navin garg

    Some of the dispositions of a Next Generation Educated person are as follows
    Self Motivated Learner
    Ability to analyze the problem quickly
    Ability to work in a team
    Should be able to adapt to changing situation

  • priya rao

    Persistence efforts and adaptability skills along with determined focus, and intrinsic interest are the required disposition.

    • atulpant

      As they say, the only thing certain about the future is that it is uncertain, so adaptability indeed becomes a key disposition to thrive in the future. Intrinsic Motivation, leading clarity of a goal that goes beyond self-interest, pursuit of that goal with focus and exuberance – that is the spice of life!

  • Saroj Thapa

    Self motivation and most importantly self regulation.